How it Works

The #BlockchainDev1000 initiative powered by Blockchain Nigeria User Group is aimed at providing participants with the foundational knowledge of blockchain decentralized application development and multi-platform exposures for building smart contracts. For this, we're looking for beginner to intermediate-level developers passionate about blockchain development. There will be a nominal fee to ensure our students are dedicated to succeed. We also have program for candidates with "zero" programing skills.

Apply & Get Selected

Our Dean of Studies will reach out and set up a conversation to evaluate your skills, background and availability. Apply here.

If you have no programing skills, we recommend that you start here and learn HTML, CSS, & Javascript first. These are the foundations of the web and will remain relevant.

Get Trained as a blockchain developer

Once selected, you'll be trained in everything blockchain, from theory to execution. Acuired skills will enable you to build complex decentralized applications, with enough knowledge to focus on your desired area of expertise.

Start here!

Video Content for DAPP development

Use the video content here to get started with Ethereum, EOS, TRON and IOTA blockchain development.

GitHub Repository :

If you are interested in Web3 Dapplication development, please check out tutorial by Web 3 Club and EatTheBlocks. Really great resources.

I particularlly found this NFT minter course very useful. You should check it out. You will learn how to Create a Full Stack  NFT minting DApp.

Cryptocurrency Trading

For Crypto traders, and enthusiasts, please take the full course on Technical Analysis to protect yourself. 

There's a video here on Risk management. You should watch it too.

Download this google doc on Bitcoin Trading Master Class (part 1) and Part 2 here created by @EmperorBTC

It's suisidal to venture into cryptocurrency trading withouth these foundational knowladge. 

Job Placement

After completing the program, you'll be referred to our exclusive network of over 20 partner companies currently hiring certified blockchain engineers.